About Us

The SquareMileMuslim social enterprise was formed in the Spring of 2011 by hosting a networking event at Herbert Smith LLP, one of the world's leading law firms. Since then there has been a number of events in collaboration with other organisations' faith and diversity networks, all designed to connect individuals and organisations for individual and collective benefit. They include UBS, Grant Thornton UK LLP and for all events to-date, support from Association of Muslim Police, situated in the heart of Bishopsgate, City of London.

Our Mission

"Faith in the heart, of the City".

C - I - T - Y

C - Celebrating the diversity of professions, nationalities and backgrounds. The organisation on a volunteer-run social enterprise basis invites all to connect with one another for individual and collective benefit.

I - Inspire - one another through events and initiatives, foster ambition to succeed without compromising faith.

T - Time - invest time for your own and others' benefit. The potential rewards through investing time can be unlimited; from developing your career opportunities, helping others develop their's, own personal skills' development through to supporting charitable causes (eg. sharing expertise, giving advice).

Y - Youth - tomorrow's leaders to be developed today, through mentoring and sharing advice and opportunitie, insh'Allah.

One forum, many benefits - achieved through the 'art of networking' in the heart of the City, for this and generations to come, by being an inspiration to others. It's your network, make it work, get involved in any way you can, to ensure sustainable growth and delivering activities to cater for all insh'Allah (God willing).