Coming soon - insh'Allah

A widely accepted that mentoring through one sharing experiences and expertise to guide others, results in benefiting them in their personal and career development and a sense of giving back from the mentor.

From an Islamic perspective, we are encouraged throughout life to acquire and apply knowledge, and indeed a hadith cites 'the best of people are those who are of benefit to others'. In the SquareMile there are lterally thousands of unnconnected individuals at varying stages of their career who we believe are candidates for both mentors and mentees. In addition we may all know of someone of the next generation currently a student or recent graduate awaiting their first move or considering a change of career or direction, who will benefit from invaluable guidance, advise and potential work placement or review of their CV perhaps.

Investing time may not involve a formal programme with significant commitment but merely available to field questions or meet a mentee on a one-off or irregular basis. Look out for 2013 opportunities - we are building up a list of potential mentors and if you are or know of mentees, get in touch.

An ideal forum will be the New Year Event and other events/forums later in 2013. We hope to see as many of you there in these settings, to help make the initial connection.

Share resources

An invitation to others to share resources which may be of benefit to others working and/or living in the City of London. Look out for links to Ramadan Timetables and other events and initiatives in the locality in due course. Contact us if you have anything to share. If you are a business or organisation who would like to share any special offers, please get in touch, we would be delighted to support your business with reciprocal benefit of supporting our members.